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This comprehensive course has been developed for new and experienced international school counselors, and for those who are seeking employment in this sector. This course aims to help counselors deepen their knowledge and understanding of the expatriate population, and to help counselors to develop the skills necessary to work effectively in the international school community.

Theia Training have extensive experience providing online and face to face professional development and consultancy services worldwide.

Having worked as counsellors in international schools for many years, we are aware how difficult it can be to access good professional development while abroad.  As such, we are passionate about making this training relevant and accessible to people around the world. We create and deliver many of our training modules online, making our professional development available to everyone.

We create and deliver relevant, up-to-date, research and experience-based programmes to counselling and coaching professionals, and schools. We have specialist knowledge and expertise in International Schools and Boarding Schools.

Theia Training are proud to deliver high-quality online professional development and in-house consultancy programs in counselling and educational settings.

We have particular expertise in providing training and consultancy programmes that are relevant for professionals who focus on wellness and serving the needs of the globally mobile population.  Whether you are a teacher or counsellor in an international or boarding school, at a university, or are a counsellor or psychotherapist in another capacity, we have relevant training to offer you.

Why Theia Training

Our name is derived from the Greek word θεα (thea) meaning “goddess”. In Greek mythology Theia was the Titan goddess of sight; the wife of Hyperion and the mother of the sun god Helios, the moon goddess Selene, and the dawn goddess Eos.

We chose this name because we believe that effective training and consultation helps us to see situations with more clarity, enabling us to respond more effectively to people’s needs.

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“Excellent informative workshop about an important but hidden therapeutic area. An absorbing and extremely interesting day: lots of essential theory as well as strategies and interventions to use directly. Thank You!”

“Another great workshop about challenges faced by teenagers and university students in transition is a must for internationally mobile families with teenagers. The presenter spoke specifically about additional challenges expatriate teenagers may be facing when relocating to another country. I believe it is important for parents and teenagers alike to be aware of the phases they will go through, to know it is normal and it will be ok, and will help them to cope with the challenges ahead.”

“Great workshop about the challenges faced by Third Culture Kids and the phases of family transition! The presenter’s natural way of explaining was comfortable and relatable. Excellent tips to be better prepared for international relocation and how to support your children were given. I would highly recommend this workshop to internationally mobile families.”

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