We are delighted to announce that our course, Understanding and Working with Expatriate Clients, will be launching October 1st, 2018.

This is a three-module course directed at counsellors and psychotherapists who work (or want to work) with expats. We created this entirely online course to meet the needs of counsellors and therapists all over the globe. We feel it is a comprehensive course with a good balance of theory and ready-to-use interventions, with a focus on both working with adults and children. We love working with this unique population, and hope that this course will give other counselors and therapists the skills and confidence to work with expats too. To sign up, please send us an email at contact@theiatraining.com.

We are delighted to announce that Theia Training is now an Accredited Training Provider! We look forward to providing high-quality and relevant professional development to counselors, psychotherapists, educators, and expatriates all over the world.