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Special Days and Milestones

My favourite time of the year is fast approaching. Christmas. More than any other celebration, Christmas for me has remained the most magical time. For those of you who celebrate, I know that it can be a difficult time for many. We too have empty places at our table and gatherings where loved ones once […]

Time to Take a Breath – The Benefits of Downtime

Let’s face it. It is solidly mid-summer. How many of us thought that we would still be so far away from the finish line at this point in the year? We have seen so much, heard so much, felt so much and learnt so much. If like me your brain is fried, it may be […]

Turbulence: Expat lessons about managing the unexpected

It seems like yesterday that we as a family found ourselves in a situation that created turmoil within our expat community. It was May 2004, and ongoing unrest in our host country had seen the swift and untimely dispersal of expatriates to distant corners of the world. One moment we had 700 children in our […]

We’ll Meet Again: unique expat challenges during Coronavirus

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus is keeping many families apart at present, but for some families, expat families, this can mean being thousands of miles apart. You may argue that this is part and parcel of expat life and, in a way, you would be right, as such families do spend a considerable […]

Spending Time with Families from Shell

We enjoyed being invited back to spent time again this year with Shell Outpost, a fantastic group of people who assist expat families during their time overseas. This is the time of year when many families are preparing to move on to pastures new and we are happy to be able to spend time with […]

Qatar Pastoral Care Conference

Kathy had an opportunity to further develop her conference speaking and workshop creating skills at the Qatar Pastoral Care Conference. The conference focused on: SUPPORTING THE WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.

International Psychology Conference Dubai

Great opportunity to speak at this conference to a range of educators and health professionals from around the world on the subject of promoting wellbeing through understanding the needs of the expatriate population.