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Musings of an Expat during Coronavirus

I had considered writing about something else this week, but Coronavirus and isolation are still dominating my thoughts, and I suspect those of many others. It is an interesting and, in some ways, difficult time to be an expat. I live in England and consider it my home; my children go to school here; my […]

Keeping Psychologically Healthy During Coronavirus

As I write this blog, my family and I are entering our fourth week of isolation here in the UK. As the coronavirus ravages the globe and changes the way we live and work, there is so much information out there about how we can cope and stay mentally healthy. We may find that we […]

Mindfulness in the Morning

I have to admit, I go to bed early and I tend to wake up early. When I wake up, I often start by thinking of all the things I need to do that day; sort of making lists in my head. It’s not the most peaceful way to wake up, but I just find […]

New Course Launching October 1, 2018

We are delighted to announce that our course, Understanding and Working with Expatriate Clients, will be launching October 1st, 2018. This is a three-module course directed at counsellors and psychotherapists who work (or want to work) with expats. We created this entirely online course to meet the needs of counsellors and therapists all over the […]

Working with Expatriates Training Day

What a fantastic training day in Wilmslow! Kathy and Melissa facilitated a workshop for counsellors /psychotherapists who have an interest in working with expatriate clients.  It was a privilege to work with interested and engaged colleagues, and to hear about the myriad reasons for their interest in working with expatriates.  This was fascinating to hear about […]

Spending Time with Families from Shell

We enjoyed being invited back to spent time again this year with Shell Outpost, a fantastic group of people who assist expat families during their time overseas. This is the time of year when many families are preparing to move on to pastures new and we are happy to be able to spend time with […]

Qatar Pastoral Care Conference

Kathy had an opportunity to further develop her conference speaking and workshop creating skills at the Qatar Pastoral Care Conference. The conference focused on: SUPPORTING THE WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.