What a fantastic training day in Wilmslow!

Kathy and Melissa facilitated a workshop for counsellors /psychotherapists who have an interest in working with expatriate clients.  It was a privilege to work with interested and engaged colleagues, and to hear about the myriad reasons for their interest in working with expatriates.  This was fascinating to hear about the participants’ international experience and their personal connections with the material presented. We look forward to the next training day!

We enjoyed being invited back to spent time again this year with Shell Outpost, a fantastic group of people who assist expat families during their time overseas. This is the time of year when many families are preparing to move on to pastures new and we are happy to be able to spend time with those who are leaving to speak about ways in which they could promote a healthier transition for themselves and their families. After the main presentation we were able to meet with a group of adolescents and talk about some of the age related challenges they may encounter during their move and how to mediate for these. Thank you once again for asking us to spend this time with you and your company’s families.

Kathy had an opportunity to further develop her conference speaking and workshop creating skills at the Qatar Pastoral Care Conference. The conference focused on: SUPPORTING THE WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.

Preparing young people to attend university in other counties is an important task that runs far deeper than learning how to cook an excellent Bolognese or wash and iron their clothes and manage finances. Many expatriates return to their ‘home / passport country’ to undertake their university degree. This presentation was aimed at helping them understand some of the gifts and talents they have gained from their expatriate experiences and the challenges they may face upon repatriation. Giving young people an understanding as they step away from their families and providing them with a toolkit to navigate through the next few years is an important part of any schools’s university preparation plans.

We are very excited to be attending the FIGT conference in Amsterdam in March.  Kathy will be presenting as part of a team about factors affecting expatriate children in boarding schools.  This will be reflecting her PhD research about understanding expatriate needs in boarding schools.

Great opportunity to speak at this conference to a range of educators and health professionals from around the world on the subject of promoting wellbeing through understanding the needs of the expatriate population.