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Courses and Consultancy for Schools

Theia Training would be delighted to work with all types of schools. We have particular expertise working in the international school sector, and with boarding schools who welcome expatriate and international children into their school communities.

Online Courses

Our online course for teachers, teaching assistants, and school leaders, Supporting Expatriate Students in Schools, is currently in development.  We will be delighted to offer this three module course within the next few months.  Please look below for more information about this exciting upcoming course.

In-Person Courses

Our in-person courses and consultancy services are available throughout the UK and internationally, and all live training and consultancy can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique school community.

All of our online courses are self-paced, meaning that you can complete them in your own time, year round, from anywhere in the world. This makes our courses relevant, affordable, and accessible, regardless of your location or professional circumstances.

Our innovative online courses remove the costs of travel, hotels, per diems, cover/substitute teachers, and make our training more cost effective than traditional professional development courses. Additionally, many of our courses offer participants the opportunity to receive personal attention from Kathy or Melissa through our online mentoring system.

The courses for Schools listed below can be tailored to meet the needs of your school, whether it is a local school, an international school, or a boarding school.

This comprehensive course is for international school counselors, or for counsellors, therapists, and psychologists who are interested in international school counseling.

It is appropriate for both counsellors who are new to international schools and for experienced international school counselors.  It is a very thorough course, which will help counselors to hit the ground running in their schools, and will set them apart during the recruitment process.

Course aims

  • Explore the unique international school population and how global mobility can affect children and families at international schools.
  • Explore the differences between international and national school counseling systems.Look at the differences between UK, US, and International Baccalaureate educational systems.
  • Explore how the international school counsellor can support student wellbeing across the school by engaging with the IB Learner Profile or the Personal, Social, and Health Education curriculum.
  • Look at the unique challenges facing international school counsellors.
  • Explore proactive as well as responsive approaches to school counseling.
  • Identify how school counselors can take an active role in supporting the international school population through transitions.

Please note that this course will not qualify participants as counselors and is not initial counselor training.  It is a professional development course.

This accredited eight module course delivers 40 professional development hours.  It is self-paced and must be completed in six months.  A certificate of completion will be issued.

Course fees

£1,485 for the eight module course. To sign up, please follow the PayPal link below (please note that once you have signed up for the course, no refunds will be given). 

Please note that we are not currently accepting new sign ups.

International school students’ experiences are unique.

This course is essential for international school teachers and school leaders who work with children, young people and their families in the international school environment. It aims to provide participants with the additional knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the support they provide is grounded in a deep understanding of this unique population.

Attending international schools provides children and young people with a range of gifts and talents they can draw upon in their future life. However, high mobility resulting in frequent school changes can impact children on multiple levels. Questions surrounding identity and belonging, feelings of restlessness, disruptions in friendships, and repeated cycles of loss are some of the most poignant issues facing children and young people in international schools. These challenges, caused by the ever-changing landscape associated with the international school lifestyle, can have a profound impact on well-being. Understanding the experiences of children and young people in international schools can help teachers and school leaders to ensure that the positives of this school experience far outweigh any negative impacts. One of the best things that teachers and school leaders can do is to deepen their understanding of the international school experience for both globally mobile and home country students, in order to respond appropriately with knowledgeable support, so that young people can thrive in this environment.

The cost of the course is £295 and places are limited. On completion, you will have earned 12 hours of professional development and a certificate will be issued. The course is self-paced, and once you have signed up you will have three months to finish. Kathy or Melissa will be your course facilitator and will be there to answer any questions, provide feedback, and support you through the course.

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There is mounting evidence that stress-related illness amongst teachers has increased in recent years, resulting in emotional, physical, and mental depletion. Mental health problems, particularly depression and anxiety, have become more common amongst teachers.

This course has been developed to help international schools create an environment that supports mental health in teachers and school staff, who can subsequently enable the development of emotionally healthy students.  Our course enables international schools to understand the stresses of international school teaching, to help staff to recognise personal coping strategies, and to implement support systems to systemically address staff wellbeing. There is strong evidence to suggest that where stress is reduced, teacher absence and turnover is lower and pupil standards higher. This course is appropriate for teachers, school leaders, counselors, and other international school staff with an interest in this area.

Course aims

  • Highlight areas that may impact mental wellbeing for teachers.
  • Develop personal and institutional strategies to support teachers’ mental health.
  • Cultivate skills and practices which promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Foster an understanding of the need for self and community care.

Course fees

£149 for the course. To sign up, please follow the PayPal link below (please note that once you have signed up for the course, no refunds will be given).  This course must be completed within 3 months of sign up.

Please note that we are not currently accepting new sign ups.

“Excellent informative workshop about an important but hidden therapeutic area. An absorbing and extremely interesting day: lots of essential theory as well as strategies and interventions to use directly. Thank You!”

“Another great workshop about challenges faced by teenagers and university students in transition is a must for internationally mobile families with teenagers. The presenter spoke specifically about additional challenges expatriate teenagers may be facing when relocating to another country. I believe it is important for parents and teenagers alike to be aware of the phases they will go through, to know it is normal and it will be ok, and will help them to cope with the challenges ahead.”

“Great workshop about the challenges faced by Third Culture Kids and the phases of family transition! The presenter’s natural way of explaining was comfortable and relatable. Excellent tips to be better prepared for international relocation and how to support your children were given. I would highly recommend this workshop to internationally mobile families.”

Services & Courses

Please browse though our Services & Courses to find out more about the individual services we provide for schools and counsellors and to register your interest or book online for a particular course. If you have any queries please contact us.


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