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Courses and Consultancy for Universities

Theia Training would be delighted to work with your university, and we have particular expertise working with issues around transition and meeting the needs of expatriate and international students. Please click on the courses below to find out more about what we offer for universities.

Online Courses

Our online course for university counsellors, Supporting Expatriate and International Students in Universities, is currently in development. We will be delighted to offer this three module course soon. Please look below for more information about this exciting upcoming course.

In-person Courses

Our in-person courses and consultancy services are available throughout the UK and internationally, and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your university.

All of our online courses are self-paced, meaning that you can complete them in your own time, year round, from anywhere in the world. This makes our courses relevant, affordable, and accessible, regardless of your location or professional circumstances.

Our innovative online courses remove the costs of travel, hotels, per diems, cover/substitute teachers, and make our training more cost effective than traditional professional development courses.

Additionally, many of our courses offer participants the opportunity to receive personal attention from Kathy or Melissa through our online mentoring system.

Transition is a psychological state that often incorporates a physical move. During transition, even when the move heralds a brighter, more exciting future, students are often at their most vulnerable as previous support systems are dismantled and new ones yet to be secured.

This course is designed for young people who are preparing to leave their host country and either repatriating or entering a new country to start university. It invites them to look beyond just the practical aspects, to encourage a deeper understanding of the impact of such a move, including how to navigate any challenges they may face as an expatriate student at university.

Course aims

  • Develop a deep understanding of the expatriate profile.
  • Examine how expatriate living may impact the mental health and wellbeing of expatriate university students.
  • Explore the possible challenges faced by expatriate students.
  • Provide an understanding of the transition process
  • Equip students with practical advice and the skills needed to promote successful transitions to university.

This course is essential for all staff who work in universities where expatriates make up part of their student body.

Course aims

  • Promote an understanding of the expatriate profile
  • Examine key psychological, emotional and academic factors influenced by expatriate living.
  • Develop a clear understanding within the staff body of the need to recognise and understand factors affecting expatriate student wellbeing in the university setting.
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of transition, the need to develop comprehensive transition programmes and guidance as to how staff may support students undergoing transition.
  • Explore the differences in challenges faced by home, international and expatriate students.
  • Enhance skills that allow staff to provide appropriate care to expatriate students.

Transition is a psychological state that often incorporates a physical move. During transition, even when the move heralds a brighter, more exciting future, students are often at their most vulnerable as previous support systems are dismantled and new ones yet to be secured.

Our course invites universities to look beyond the practical aspects of transition to promote a deeper understanding of the transition process to ensure that effective programmes are in place to fully meet the needs of their incoming and outgoing students.

Course aims

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of transition including the key factors that impact wellbeing.
  • Explore the differences in challenges faced by home, international and expatriate students.
  • Provide guidance as to how staff may support students undergoing transition.
  • Provide students with skills to navigate successful transitions.
  • Support universities in developing comprehensive transition programmes.

The recruitment and relocation of university staff overseas is an exciting and challenging process for all concerned. Supporting new staff, especially those new to living internationally, is vital in order to ensure a seamless transition.

In order to minimise settling-in difficulties, we offer training for new staff to prepare them for their upcoming international position.

Course aims

To help staff:

  • Explore the theories surrounding international moves including Culture Shock, Third Culture Kids and Transition.
  • Manage the emotional aspects of an international move.
  • Form an understanding of the expatriate way of life, in particular the young people they will be engaging with on a daily basis.
  • Consider the practical steps necessary to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Connect with others who are about to embark on a similar journey.

“Excellent informative workshop about an important but hidden therapeutic area. An absorbing and extremely interesting day: lots of essential theory as well as strategies and interventions to use directly. Thank You!”

“Another great workshop about challenges faced by teenagers and university students in transition is a must for internationally mobile families with teenagers. The presenter spoke specifically about additional challenges expatriate teenagers may be facing when relocating to another country. I believe it is important for parents and teenagers alike to be aware of the phases they will go through, to know it is normal and it will be ok, and will help them to cope with the challenges ahead.”

“Great workshop about the challenges faced by Third Culture Kids and the phases of family transition! The presenter’s natural way of explaining was comfortable and relatable. Excellent tips to be better prepared for international relocation and how to support your children were given. I would highly recommend this workshop to internationally mobile families.”

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